Kathleen Kane Cavolo (1951 - 2023)

Announcing the Claire's Crusade Kathleen Kane Cavolo Memorial Scholarship at Rett University

We are excited to announce that we have established the Claire’s Crusade Kathleen Kane Cavolo Memorial Scholarship at Rett University.  Given Kathy’s background in special education and the love she had for her great niece who is bravely battling Rett Syndrome, this is a wonderful way to honor her legacy.  Kathy saw first-hand the impact Rett University has had on the education her great niece receives and the great strides she has taken towards literacy and communication as a result. This scholarship will afford others the same opportunity when otherwise it would not be possible. 


Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorder that occurs in 1 of every 10,000 female births and is even rarer in boys.  Children with Rett Syndrome experience regression or loss of previously acquired skills, often noticed at 6 to 18 months in age. While it may differ between individuals, most of these children lose their hand function, their ability to walk and their ability to talk.  Many develop severe medical complexities including seizures, respiratory issues, swallowing, feeding and digestive issues, scoliosis, as well as bone, muscle, and cardiac complications.  


Students with Rett Syndrome are often misunderstood and underestimated when it comes to their cognitive ability.  They may be trapped inside their bodies, but they are intelligent and capable.  If given the appropriate tools, support, technology, and customized techniques provided by Rett University, students can effectively communicate, participate, and learn which would help improve their quality of life.  Technology and a comprehensive understanding of the needs of these students continues to evolve, and Rett University is at the forefront of educational innovation and training.


The Claire’s Crusade Kathleen Kane Cavolo Memorial Scholarship at Rett University will help empower Rett Syndrome parents, educators, and therapists with the knowledge and strategies to help these individuals reach their highest potential.

Those interested can apply online directly through Rett University.


About Rett University

Rett University is an international e-learning platform specifically designed for parents, educators and therapists of Rett Syndrome students. Experienced professionals share their cutting-edge knowledge on how to support their students with Rett Syndrome and guide them to their highest levels of academic, physical and personal achievement.

Claire's Crusade is proud to be a Founding Partner of Rett University.  Since 2014, Claire's Crusade has supported Rett University in their mission to help Rett Syndrome students:

  • Learn to read and write
  • Develop real communication skills
  • Learn strategies for sensory regulation
  • Learn to build communication and appropriate expectations
  • Develop effective and appropriate IEP goals

Rett University is brought to you by Girl Power 2 Cure in partnership with Susan Norwell, a world-renowned Rett Syndrome and other Complex Needs education and communication specialist.

Susan Norwell, M.A. Special Education, has worked with a wide array of students, including those with Rett Syndrome, Autism and Multiple Disabilities for the last 40 years. She has spent the last 28 years in private practice working primarily with children on the Autism spectrum and girls who have Rett Syndrome. She is trained in “Greenspan’s Floortime” model and is a relationship based educational specialist.